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What Is Wireless Generator Monitoring?

Generator monitoring is the process of collecting various data points from generators and analyzing them in order to improve their performance, maintain safety standards and ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible. By monitoring a generator’s performance, it is possible to identify any potential problems before they become serious issues. With regular maintenance, these problems can be addressed quickly and prevented from causing costly downtime or failure.

Types of Generator Monitoring

Remote wireless monitoring allows generators to be monitored remotely using wireless technology. It gives technicians the ability to monitor multiple elements at once and view detailed data on each element. Onsite monitoring requires physical presence for technicians to review data points in person and make manual adjustments if needed. Automated system testing allows for more thorough reviews of a generator’s performance over time by continuously running tests on machines in order to detect any issues that may arise.

Choosing the Right Generator Monitoring Solutions

When selecting a generator monitoring solution, it is important to consider both your requirements and budget. Analyzing all the different hardware and software solutions available will allow you to make an informed decision about which one will best suit your needs. Keeping an eye on the latest technological advancements can also help you stay ahead of emerging trends in the industry.

Using Wireless Network for Secure and Reliable Data Transfer

A reliable wireless network is essential for safe and efficient data transfer between generator components and remote personnel. High-speed Wi-Fi networks provide secure connections with minimal latency so that data can be monitored accurately in real-time without interruption or lag. The extra layer of security provided by using a reliable wireless network ensures that your sensitive information stays safe at all times.

Benefits of Wireless Generator Monitoring

Generator monitoring offers numerous benefits including improved performance, increased safety, lower costs, better energy efficiency and longer working life spans for generators. Through careful selection of the right hardware and software solutions as well as utilizing a secure wireless network for efficient data collection, businesses can realize these advantages while also keeping their investments protected from unexpected failures or breakdowns.


CRN Generator Monitoring

CRN Wireless generator monitors provide 24-hour remote monitoring and real-time notifications of critical generator events for all brands and models, both commercial and residential. These devices are simple to install, with no extra programming or setup required, allowing technicians to quickly standardize monitor installation across all types of generators. Notifications can be sent via email and/or text message to any number of designated recipients, and customized reports are also available on request.

With over 30 years of wireless monitoring experience and customers nationwide, CRN Wireless generator monitors represent the most competitively priced solution on the market as well as one of the most reliable. This combination offers customers the best possible service for their generators while also giving businesses a valuable additional service that brings in more profit.

CRN Wireless provides real-time notifications of critical generator events by using cellular or UHF frequencies to send signals to CRN’s Network Operations Center. These signals are then decoded, processed and relayed to designated recipients. Two different options are available for transmitting signals:

Cellular monitors use LTE or CDMA networks to transmit the information.

UHF monitoring devices utilize CRN’s proprietary NearNet tower network, which services the New York City area with FCC-licensed frequencies that have been active for 30 years and remained fully functional during Hurricane Sandy and 9/11.

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