Florida’s dangerous spring and summer weather provides many days each year that a backup generator would come in handy. Like much of the Deep South, the state experiences frequent thunderstorms, seasonal tropical storms and hurricanes. If you’ve ever experienced one of the storms that caused a power outage, you know a few reasons to buy a backup generator.

Top Reasons to Install a Backup Generator

In this blog, we’ll consider a comprehensive list that includes convenience and necessity among the reasons. While they may not all apply to your situation, many probably do.

  • 1
    A generator provides guaranteed uninterrupted electrical power for your home or business. Having a backup generator lets you avoid looking for flashlights, candles and matches, or other emergency lights.
  • 2
    Your groceries keep in the refrigerator as if the outage never happened. Food can spoil in as little as four hours. You also won’t have to worry about medications that need refrigeration.
  • 3
    Installing a backup generator enhances your security. The batteries on home security systems only last a few hours. Manufacturers don’t design for a three-day electrical outage caused by a hurricane.
  • 4
    Ensure that needed medical devices continue to operate as needed. Installing an automatic standby generator means maintaining safety and addressing health needs.
  • 5
    Protect your well water with a backup generator. A gas, propane, or solar-powered electric generator can operate your well pump and water filtration system in a power outage. That means you still enjoy clean, safe drinking water.
  • 6
    Using a generator as a backup power source guarantees that your home’s sump pump keeps running. This action keeps your crawlspace or basement dry, preventing water damage and mold growth.
  • 7
    Protect your home-based business or your brick-and-mortar business from digital information loss. Don’t lose important information because a power outage interrupted your cloud backup.
  • 8
    Keep your business operating with electrical power for computers, broadband modems and servers.
  • 9
    Charge your electric or hybrid vehicle. In an emergency, dependable transportation ranks highly on a list of needs.
  • 10
    A backup power source keeps your vacant property safer, ensuring that appliances function seamlessly without overload.
  • 11

    Generators provide power on the go for many uses, including: Camping and picnics, construction projects requiring power tools & Outdoor events.

The options of a portable generator or an automatic backup generator mean that you can take some generators with you to use a generator on land or on a boat.

Purchasing a Backup Generator

From personal safety and health to operating essential home appliances, life in Florida offers many reasons to install a secondary power source. Contact GenStar Generator Service for generator installations in and around Sanford, FL. We’ve served Central Florida since 2002 with generator sales, installation and servicing. Let us help you make your Florida home safer.


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