Living in Florida presents unique challenges due to its weather patterns, especially during hurricane season. A reliable backup power source, like a whole-home generator, becomes not just a convenience but a necessity. Generac and Briggs & Stratton standby generators are among the top choices for homeowners looking to maintain power during utility power failure. This guide will take you from generator installation to generator maintenance, explicitly focusing on Generac and Briggs & Stratton and how Genstar Generator Service can ensure your home never goes dark.

A strandby generator operating on an elevated platform during a Florida storm

Choosing the Right Standby Generator

When selecting a generator for your Florida home, the primary considerations should be the unit’s capacity, durability against local climate conditions, and compatibility with your home’s energy needs. Generac and Briggs & Stratton offer robust solutions designed to meet various residential demands:

  • Capacity and Size: Understand your power needs. Generac units range from 7.5 kW, suitable for basic emergency circuits, to 150 kW, capable of handling whole-home systems. Briggs & Stratton options are generally between 10 and 60 kW, providing comprehensive coverage for small to medium homes.

  • Durability: Both brands engineer generators with corrosion-resistant enclosures, crucial for Florida’s humid and salty air that can significantly degrade metal components over time.

  • Fuel Type and Efficiency: Evaluate the fuel types available (natural gas, propane, diesel) and consider fuel storage capabilities and local availability. Generac and Briggs & Stratton typically offer dual-fuel (natural gas and propane) models, which are more flexible and efficient.

  • Local Codes and Standards: Ensure the generator model complies with Florida’s building codes, noise ordinances, and environmental regulations. Both brands are known for their compliance and can be safely installed with minimal environmental impact.

  • Advanced Feature Set: Look for a backup generator with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring and an automatic transfer switch that seamlessly switches utility power to the generator during outages.

Choosing a generator is not just about maintaining power; it’s about ensuring safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Generac and Briggs & Stratton are preferred by homeowners for their reliability, technological advancements, and ability to meet the rigorous demands of Floridian weather. Working with a reputable service provider like Genstar Generator Service ensures professional installation and maintenance, maximizing the generator’s efficacy and lifespan.

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Generator Installation in Florida: Key Considerations

Installing a whole-home generator system involves several key steps, each important to ensure optimal performance:

  • 1

    Site Selection: Choose a safe location that complies with local codes. It should typically avoid windows and doors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • 2

    Permitting: Florida has specific codes and regulations for generator installation, including noise ordinances and fuel storage restrictions. Genstar Generator Service handles all permits to ensure compliance with local laws.

  • 3

    Installation Process:

  • Foundation Preparation: A concrete pad is poured to provide a stable foundation for the generator.
  • Electrical and Fuel Connection: Professional installation of electrical wiring and fuel lines is crucial for safe and efficient operation. Genstar’s certified technicians ensure that all connections are secure and leak-proof.
  • Testing and Inspection: After installation, comprehensive testing is done to ensure the generator functions correctly, followed by an inspection to certify that the installation meets all local codes.
Genstar technician installing a Generac on a concrete foundation

Maintenance Tips for Generac and Briggs & Stratton Generators

  • Regular Oil Checks and Changes: Check the oil level frequently, replace the oil filter annually, and perform an oil change after the first 20 hours of use, then every 100 hours or once a year.

  • Fuel and Air Filter Replacement: To ensure efficient generator operation, the fuel filter should be replaced annually, and the air filters should be replaced every 100 hours to prevent airflow blockages.

  • Battery Care: To avoid starting issues, check the battery every month and replace it every 2-3 years, even if they are still working.

  • Cooling System: Perform regular coolant level checks and change the coolant when necessary.

  • Professional Inspection: Have a qualified technician from Genstar professionally inspect your generator annually. They will focus on fuel lines, wiring, and all mechanical parts to ensure everything is in order.

Understanding Florida’s Unique Climate

Florida’s climate and weather patterns pose unique challenges for standby generators:

  • High Humidity and Salt Air: Florida’s natural elements can corrode generator components. Choosing corrosion-resistant models and regular generator maintenance is critical.

  • Storm Surges and Flooding: Standby generators should be installed in elevated areas to prevent water damage.

  • Hurricane Season Preparedness: Florida homeowners should test their generators before the season starts and ensure enough fuel is stored for potential prolonged use.

Understanding Florida’s Unique Climate

Choosing a standby generator should be an informed decision based on specific needs and environmental factors. Generac and Briggs & Stratton stand out in the power generation industry due to their reliability, efficiency, and advanced technology. Here’s why Generac and Briggs & Stratton are preferred backup generators for Florida homes:

  • Wide Range of Models: Both brands offer a variety of models that cater to different size requirements and budgets.
  • Reliability: Both brands offer robust standby generators that withstand Florida’s harsh weather, from scorching heat to hurricane-induced storms.
  • Efficiency: With fuel-efficient models, these generators ensure longer run times on less fuel, which is crucial during extended power outages.
  • Innovative Features: Features like remote monitoring allow homeowners to manage their generator’s operation from anywhere, ensuring they always have control over their home’s power.
  • Resale Value: Installing a standby generator from these brands can increase your home’s market value, a significant benefit in Florida’s competitive real estate market.

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